What makes EditDrs special?

Edits by a Clinician Editor

At most editing agencies, your paper will be edited by an English expert (but not a doctor) or a doctor who has limited editing experience and lacks the time to provide quality editing due to clinical/research obligations. At EditDrs, your paper is always edited by a highly skilled and experienced full-time clinician editor (a licensed medical doctor with extensive training/experience in scientific and medical editing).

A Collaborative Approach

We understand that you, as the author(s), are the most knowledgeable about the content of your paper. Therefore, when we come across unclear text/ideas, we communicate with you and make sure we understand your intention before making changes (rather than editing based on assumptions). This reduces the overall back-and-forth and results in a polished paper with your message expressed clearly.

Fair Pricing

We provide unparalleled quality editing at the most affordable rates in the industry. You have the freedom to choose either a fixed-word rate or an hourly rate for our services.

All Clients Are VIPs

At EditDrs, we greatly value the relationships we have with our clients and treat all of them as VIPs. We never ask you to pay extra to receive respect, higher-quality services, or faster responses. In addition, we are the only editing service that lets you meet and directly communicate with your editor an unlimited number of times for free.